Smart glass tunnel

Oxford based G-Smatt recently installed its smart glass tunnel at a networking event, hosted by Monocom at Mini Plant Oxford.

The tunnel, which is formed from G-Smatt’s interactive media glass, measured 2.25m wide by 6.3m long and 2.5m tall, and provided a centre piece for the evening event which was attended by approximately 70 people from corporations including John Lewis, HSBC, Nielsens, The Dorchester Group, and representatives of local events management, audio visual, catering, and photography businesses.

The company also delivered a short presentation on the future of architectural media glass. 

Leo McDowell-Benton, director of sales for G-Smatt Europe, said: “We knew in advance some of the companies that would be attending so were able to incorporate logos from many of them, including Oxford Fine Dining, Monocom and Mini into the dynamic display. We were also able to display a red Mini car, and guests were able to get involved by playing on a prototype of our new interactive Bubble game.”

Chris Jones, from Boys and Girls Promotions that organised the event, said: “Being able to show case BMW/Mini’s event space and the interactive media glass made this a very special evening for us. Event people see a lot of clever, eye catching promotions so to generate a “wow” from nearly every one of our attendees was a great endorsement for the G-Smatt media glass tunnel. We certainly hope to work with them again in the future both in Oxford and further afield, and I’m sure that others in the room will have gone away wondering how they can incorporate this amazing technology into one of their events.”