Passivhaus accreditation

Roof Maker has been awarded the Passivhaus standard for its fixed flat rooflight.

“By bringing another Passivhaus component to the market, Roof Maker has helped facilitate the superior quality for which the Passivhaus standard is known and added to the ever-expanding range of options for clients looking to build better,” a spokesperson from the International Passive House Association said.

The thermal performance of Roof Maker’s rooflights offer a Ug rating from 0.2 for quadruple glazing, with triple glazing as standard.

Roof Maker’s fixed flat rooflight has secured the Passivhaus accreditation due to its thermal credentials, with the product listed on the Passivhaus website as a recommended product to help architects, specifiers and builders achieve an energy efficient home.

The fixed flat rooflight, available up to 3m2, has undergone a range of tests and processes by the Passivhaus organisation, including thermal imagery examinations, to prove it helps to provide constant and consistent temperatures throughout the home.

Paul Mildenstein, CEO of Roof Maker said: “To have created the world’s first and only fixed flat rooflight to be accredited by the International Passive House Association is a fantastic achievement not only for ourselves but for the glazing industry as a whole. We have worked closely with the Passive House team, from the initial design concept stage, right through to the manufacturing process, to ensure we’ve created a rooflight that is as thermally efficient as possible.

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