Fire-rated offering

West Port has added the FD60 door to its fire-rated offering.

The Cumbrian firm’s FD30 product managed to withstand temperatures in excess of 800ºC for 42 minutes 7 seconds, or 40% longer than required to achieve an FD30 rating, when subjected to rigorous testing by Cambridge Fire Research and BRE.

Now the fabricator has designed a product capable of holding back flames for an hour.

Managing director Sean Parnaby said: “At West Port, we’ve always prided ourselves on treating fire safety with the utmost seriousness. We never forget that, more than anything else, a fire door is about saving lives.”

He continued: “Our FD60 door, like every other fire product we offer, has been rigorously tested as a complete door set. But it’s still very common for some manufacturers to test individual components separately, rather than testing the completely assembled door set. That can lead to products with fire ratings that only last a fraction of the time they’re supposed to. This is utterly unacceptable.”