Environmentally friendly products

Conservatory Outlet is driving its aluminium range of home improvement products as consumer interests increasingly turn to environmentally friendly alternatives, the company has said.

Whether it be carbon footprint, global warming, or plastic-filled oceans, consumers are now beginning to make a concerted effort to ensure that their purchases have a limited impact on the environment.

Conservatory Outlet’s ‘Slimframe’ and ‘Slimfold’ aluminium ranges have been designed and manufactured to meet not only the demands of environmentally conscious homeowners, but also to follow stringent recovery and recycling policies throughout manufacture, supply and installation.

Because of their makeup, Conservatory Outlet’s aluminium products also offer excellent thermal efficiency, meaning customer reliance on carbon-emitting heat sources is dramatically reduced, the company said.

Conservatory Outlet’s managing director, Michael Giscombe, said: “Aluminium products are fast becoming one of the greenest materials available in the home improvement sector, with windows and doors in this material offering a great sustainable alternative to most other products on the market.

“As a leading manufacturer within the UK, it is important that we not only offer customers the latest product innovations, but we do so responsibly. UK homes produce around 30% of our CO2 emissions and we want to help to reduce this figure.”