Energy efficiency targeted

The tenants of Barton Village, Eccles, have benefited from thousands of Veka windows and will see a drop in energy bills after the environmentally friendly £14.3 million makeover.

The four 1960s tower blocks, which took a total of 12 months to refurbish, consist of 290 energy efficient homes – with many of the one and two bedroom flats now having innovative green technologies, state-of-the-art ventilation, and improved security.

Nicola Bott, programme manager for the buildings’ owner ForViva Group, said: “We now have some of the most energy efficient towers in the country. As a result of the works, customers are experiencing savings of between 40%-60% of their heating bills, averaging out at £459 per home per year. This was of course helped by the Veka Windows installed in the homes.”

Veka’s Matrix 70 casement windows have a multi-chamber frame design allowing for face or base drainage on either side of central chamber, internal and external beading, and tilt and turn options.

“Four of the five blocks are general let, and one tower is a sheltered scheme with an over 55s demographic, with warden support,” Nicola said. “The transformation of the community has been incredible and there is a definite sense of pride and community spirit there now. In fact, a customer commented the refurbishments have brought the area into the 21st century and given people real pride in their homes.”