Curb appeal

In 2020, Rehau’s Rio Flush Fit window system was selected for a large-scale build at Middleton St George in the northeast of England.

The results were so successful that housebuilder Homes by Carlton (HBC) now plans to use Rehau’s product at two other landmark sites.

The housebuilder has a long-standing relationship with Chatsworth Windows, the largest in-house manufacturer of windows in the northeast.

Simon Walker, managing director of HBC, said: “Design is typically 20% of a build’s overall cost but we believe that figure underplays how important it is to potential buyers. Homes are often sold on first impression so every feature has to look as good as it functions.”

One of HBC’s recent projects is in Middleton St George, a development of 198 homes found just outside Darlington.

“I was looking for windows that had curb-side appeal, with a finish that reflected our ambition to be the best housebuilder in the region,” Simon said.

Mark Griffiths, sales and marketing manager at Chatsworth Windows, said: “There is a trend among developers to buy more cost-effective windows and install them without the help of a specialist, but Simon was insistent the job was done properly using a premium service and product.”

Chatsworth Windows was initially approached by Rehau when interest in flush fit systems was increasing.

“There was a demand in the market for this type of profile and Rehau brought examples to our factory,” Mark said. “We were impressed with the build quality and decided to invest in the product.”

Rehau technicians subsequently visited the fabricator’s factory in North Yorkshire, helping to calibrate the machinery that would be used to manufacture the new range.

Within weeks the first examples had reached the showroom, and the different grains and colours on offer quickly proved popular with customers.

“Customers liked the symmetrical, contemporary design and there’s a growing market trend to add value to properties with these types of statement fittings,” Mark said. “Plus, we had worked with Rehau for some years and knew its products were of the calibre Simon sought, so it made sense to put the Rio forward as an option.”

Construction at Middleton St George was successful and the installation of Rio Flush Fit windows has maintained HBC’s high-end vision.

The housebuilder is committed to using Rio Flush Fit at a further two projects.

The first is a 31-house development in Thorpe Thewles with over 500 windows being installed, while second is a bespoke site of 11 properties each with over 3,000ft2 of floorspace.