Get in and out

Senior Architectural Systems has made its aluminium residential doors quick and easy to install because while restrictions may be easing, working in private homes can still be a challenge.

Senior’s Ali Slide aluminium sliding doors and its Ali Fold aluminium folding doors allow installers to complete work quickly and efficiently, the company said.

Both doors are supported by a simple-to-use installation guide and a range of flexible features. With adjustable rollers for a perfect fit, the Ali Slide aluminium patio door is easy to work with even at its largest leaf size of up to 2,000mm by 2,616mm, the company said.

Helping to maximise daylight and offer wider views, a slimline version of the system is also available which has an interlock of just 50mm.

On Senior’s Ali Fold aluminium folding doors, the installation guide illustrates how the shoot bolt, hinge jam and keep carrier can be quickly and easily adjusted. Design flexibility has been built in, with leaf sizes available up to 1,300mm wide and 2,616mm high and a range of different configurations available to suit a variety of projects.