New machinery

Bedfordshire Windows has invested in a new SMR-4 four-headed welder and TT425 double mitre saw from Haffner.

The new machinery package is the third largescale machine investment with Haffner.

Gary Walker, director at Bedfordshire Windows, said: “We have seen a large upturn in demand for our products, and the new automated machines from Haffner will allow us further to improve our production efficiencies in line with customer demand.

“We have purchased several automated machines from Haffner in the past and we did not hesitate to turn to them to help support us in our latest manufacturing expansion.”

Haffner’s SMR-4 four headed welder is designed to improve product quality and cut waste. It is factory set each time and has automatic transom fences, automatic corner fences, and automatic transom and mullion alignment.

The Haffner TT425 double-mitre computerised saw provides length, angle and cutting accuracy thanks to its robust construction and linear bearing system.

Bryan Dando, area sales manager at Haffner, said: “One of the clearest indications of a reliable and trustworthy business is how previous customers are willing to return when they need to make a new investment. We are delighted to have supported Bedfordshire Windows once again.”