Streamlined processes

Onsite 7 has reported a strong uptake from new customers looking to save time and money.

Rhys Hoddinott, CEO at Onsite 7, said: “Installers have realised the numerous benefits the easy-to-use software delivers to their businesses and has streamlined their on-site and admin processes by giving them a single source of accurate information at every stage of the job. This saves installers both time in having all the information at hand, and money as it records every level of the installation to eradicate disputes and non-payment.”

The Onsite 7 software delivers a single source of information for every job – domestic, newbuild or commercial – you work on, including documentation, instructions, photographs, videos, and contract variations.

Everything is transparent and documented within the Onsite 7 platform and can be agreed by the customer at each stage too, which will help in the event of a dispute, the company said.

“Having worked at the sharp end of installation, we know exactly what businesses go through on a daily basis and have listened to every reason imaginable why a customer can’t or shouldn’t pay,” Rhys said. “We know the importance of strong team communication, tight management and total job visibility and Onsite 7 delivers this information at every level.”