Cream of the crop

A large bespoke private house in rural Cheshire is the latest showpiece for the Veka PVCU vertical slider.

Based on the combination of cream foil out/white foil in, the house uses both straight and arched frames, with astragal bars, a deep bottom rail and run-through horns.

Oldham-based Veka Approved Installer D&M Windows was chosen by main contractor H Cumberbirch & Son to install 66 windows and French doors fabricated by Glazerite.

“This was a no-compromise contract right from the beginning,” said D&M managing director Mark Hoolickin.

“The client expected the best of everything and, with the help of the Veka system and Glazerite, we were able to deliver it, from product specification to the design and look of the finished product and of course the finishing touches that make this VS so authentic looking.”

Glazerite’s Peter Smith added: “This was an unusual choice of foil combinations but dual foil is becoming more and more in demand and we are happy to supply any combination across our entire range of door and window styles.”