More Xtreme

Vista has improved its XtremeDoor composite door.

The GRP skin is 100% thicker, increasing from 2mm to 4mm. As Building Regulations grow increasingly strict, XtremeDoor is PAS 24: 2016 approved, fully compliant with Document Q, and passes the stringent cut-through test.

The revised and more demanding PAS 24: 2016 test gives composite doors three minutes to survive an attack using two chisels (a 6mm and a 25mm) and a Stanley Knife. Using just these tools, if the tester can cut a 50mm hole – large enough to get an arm through and open the door, in less than three minutes – the door fails.

“We designed the XtremeDoor to be the toughest, most secure composite door product on the market,” managing director Keith Sadler said. “But we haven’t been complacent. We’re constantly striving for ways to make XtremeDoor even more exceptional – and that’s exactly what we’ve managed to achieve here.

Not only coming with a 100% thicker GRP skin, the XtremeDoor now boasts an upgraded five-hook lock, which pulls tighter to the frame and offers an even better weather seal.”

The new lock has increased the weatherability of the door from 800 Pascals to 1,200.