Steps into the modular market

Euramax is supplying modular home manufacturer Ilke Homes with windows and doors for 2,000 modular homes.

The housing crisis, skills shortage and lack of affordable homes are issues that continue to plague the UK’s housing market. Modular construction, which involves constructing elements of a building offsite in a factory-controlled setting before transporting them to site for assembly, offers a quicker and often less expensive solution to construction.

The builds can be constructed 30%-50% quicker than traditional constructions, with quality-controlled assembly sites and less material waste helping to provide more sustainable results.

Richard Banks, commercial director at Euramax, said: “Previously, Ilke Homes had been receiving separate deliveries for glass and window frames, which would then be sorted into specific module requirements. This meant that there was double the handling of products, increasing the risk of damage.

“In addition, transportation of products was also increased as there were multiple stillages of glass and frames that were sent to the production line. Instead, Euramax has provided Ilke Homes with the glass and window frames in one stillage, ensuring they have everything they need for each module.”

With skilled workers producing modules at dedicated assembly sites, the construction method reduces the amount of noise and dust onsite to create a more environmentally friendly building process.

“Not only did Euramax provide Ilke Homes with quality products, but it also provided us with a solution that streamlines our processes,” Racheal Kaye, procurement manager at Ilke Homes, said.

“Receiving the glass and frames for each module in specific stillages means that we can save time and costs as handling, transport and damage is reduced. This not only optimises our own process, but greatly reduces our impact on the environment, helping us to maintain modular’s greener construction status. Euramax even provided module identification numbers to help us to identify the correct stillage for the required module, making the process even simpler.”