Add value to the sale

Adding value to the sale is something that is becoming even more essential to fabricators and installers, according to ODL.

Andy Meakin, business development manager of ODL Europe, said: “Throughout the lockdown we have continued to develop a pipeline of strong enquiries from our online portal for Blink Integral Blinds along with a steady flow of immediate orders upon our return. At consumer level, Blink Blinds answer consumers’ need for convenience, contemporary style, safety and low maintenance. And for fabricators and installers, they offer a real opportunity to increase your product offer, add value and increase revenue which is very important at this time.”

Suitable for windows and doors, Blink Blinds consist of an insulated glass panel with blinds between the glass.

Recent product updates include improved aesthetics of the blinds with double valances to hide unwanted joints, an improved raise, lower and tilt operation with the operator switch to control the facilities being redesigned to make it more ergonomic, and the aluminium guiderail is now on the internal side of the operating channel, which makes inserting the wedge gasket and beading easier.