Solution to unwanted noise

Tradesmith offers three levels of Bluesky-certified acoustic rated windows to combat the growing problem of noise pollution.

With the expansion of Heathrow airport’s third runway, public awareness of noise pollution is rising because it’s going to affect huge numbers of homeowners across a large part of London and the south.

Finding a solution to unwanted noise is crucial to convincing the protestors, media and government to allow it to go ahead, Tradesmith said. Reports from the World Health Organisation show that noise pollution can have a severely detrimental impact on health and well-being. Recent studies link excessive noise to cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and poor performance at work and school from interrupted sleep.

Tradesmith was the first PVCU fabricator to achieve Bluesky’s acoustic certification with a range that includes A++, A and B noise rated windows. The windows, which are suitable for domestic and commercial projects, can protect properties in high noise pollution areas – near busy roads, airports, train lines, noisy neighbours, night clubs and schools. Tradesmith supplies 14 different windows that are guaranteed to reduce noise within the home.

Tradesmith has produced a video, with statistics from the World Health Organisation and a message about the hidden problem of noise and its impact on health, to get this story across. Many homeowners suffering from prolonged noise pollution sell their house to escape, but it’s easier and cheaper to stop noise coming in, the company said. Noise mainly enters through windows and doors, so to prevent it Tradesmith offers four A++, A, B certified windows that can be shown to work.

Mark Hutchinson, MD at Tradesmith, said: “The video communicates how important and effective acoustic windows are. Years ago, overclaiming and underperforming acoustic solutions made people think double glazed windows weren’t up to the job of preventing noise pollution, but our range of acoustic windows are engineered to block excessive sound.

“Deceuninck, for example, tests its windows at Sheffield University, one of the leading UK acoustic centres. And our windows have been independently certified by Bluesky to verify that the manufactured product is in line with the original tested specification.

“Provided they’re installed correctly, the windows make a dramatic difference to the volume of unwanted sound people are exposed to.”