Goddard’s gorgeous gable

A couple recently chose an Ultraroof tiled roof after missing the garden room they enjoyed in their previous property.

After living in a home with a garden room for many years, Mr and Mrs Goddard found that they missed the light and airy feel of this type of living space when they moved into their new-build chalet bungalow, and soon decided to extend their home.

As Ultraroof can be configured into any shape or size, and doesn’t need a tie bar, the couple was able to go for a gable style that matched the roofline of their home. Incorporating two of Ultraroof’s full height glazing panels ensured that the interior remained light and bright.

Mrs Goddard said: “While our new extension looks amazing, it is also very technically advanced which means that it’s beautifully warm, no matter how cold it gets outside. This means that we use the space every day. We are especially pleased with the full height glazing panels that add a unique look and keep the interior light. We are so glad that we chose Ultraroof.”