SheerVent now available for S2 glazed roofs

Sheerline has announced that the SheerVent roof vent is now available for S2 conservatory roofs, alongside the company’s S1 lantern.

SheerVent has been designed as a solution to the longstanding challenge of adding reliable ventilation to glazed roofs without creating weaknesses for water ingress. It does this through an integrated muntin bar, and fitting directly into the ridge baffle, thus eliminating the possibility of leaks.

In addition, it offers thermal efficiency as it is fully thermally broken using high-performance 24mm glazing, ideal for keeping conservatories warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Featuring powered actuators and a full range of automated sensors, the system utilises discreet light, wind, and rain sensors for comfort and convenience.

SheerVent sits lower down than traditional roof vents and avoids the clumsy look of a frame that protrudes beyond the rafter cappings. It is available in sizes up to 1.1m wide x 1.2m, and is purposed designed to fit the S2 roof.

Jon Crohill, project design manager for Sheerline, said: “After investing so much time into S2 adding proper purge ventilation was the next logical step. Customer response to SheerVent for our lanterns was overwhelmingly positive, so it made sense to bring this proven system to S2.

“What we’ve achieved is precisely what we set out to: a functional solution, that doesn’t compromise on style – something that we pride ourselves on at Sheerline.”

Tony Basile, Sheerline sales director, added: “There are countless ways in which the S2 stands out within the glazed roof market, but adding SheerVent will undeniably set it apart from the other solutions currently available.

“Our customers no longer have to make do with ugly vents that don’t match, or worse, allow the ingress of water. Conservatory season is coming up and now we’re able to offer the winning combination of the S2 and intelligent ventilation, we’re looking ahead to a busy summer.”