The value of good data and efficient systems

As the industry continues to adjust to more challenging economic conditions, it’s more important than ever that businesses can access accurate data as well as utilise modern, efficient systems to streamline workloads.

There are lots of user-friendly software tools to aid installers these days, with the likes of Tommy Trinder and Hurst Doors developing more exciting and engaging ways to sell, and AdminBase and Business Pilot introducing more sophisticated ways of managing day to day tasks.

Business Pilot’s latest app for instance, has certainly proved a hit with customers and some fabricators are now also offering online portals and CRM systems to improve their service offering.

I’ve also previously highlighted how AI is being adopted by some forward-thinking glazing companies, as it can help with everything from customer services – answering phone calls and responding to emails – as well as create marketing materials.

The speed at which AI has developed over the last 12 months is incredible. If you asked it to create a video a year ago then the results could be a bit sketchy (Google ‘Will Smith eating spaghetti’ and you’ll see what I mean) but now it can create photo realistic video content that is hard to distinguish from the real thing.

All these new toys are fantastic of course, but knowing what consumers actually want is also a big advantage these days and that’s where good market research is worth its weight in gold.

There are a variety of reports available from the likes of Insight Data and Lasco PR & Marketing, plus a new report from Keystone Market Research.

We have introduced a regular column from Keystone’s new consumer trends report that starts in the March issue of Glass Times and some of the key findings make for interesting reading.

It identifies, for instance, the rise in interest for garden rooms, with searches up 42% in 2023 compared to 2019. Crucially, it also shows the strong interest in triple glazing from homeowners, with 50% expressing a preference for it over double.

We all know the strong arguments for and against triple glazing, and while the cost realities may ultimately keep that potential demand in check, it certainly demonstrates a big opportunity for installers to attract customers in the first place.

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