Secure as standard

Hörmann’s LPU 42 and LPU 67 automated sectional garage doors are now supplied with Secured by Design as standard.

With increasing numbers of homeowners using their garages for storage, or for garages converted into leisure or living areas, SBD means peace of mind, the company said.

Hörmann sectional doors have been designed to prevent and discourage criminal intrusion and vandalism. This has been verified through independent testing which involved a prolonged brute force attack, demonstrating the strength and robust nature of the door.

The Hörmann sectional doors passed in their standard format with no modifications or additions required, and SBD applies to the full range of sizes available.

For the accreditation to be valid the doors should be installed behind the brickwork and not include any glazing options or external handles. Once fitted the installation will need to be registered with Hörmann to obtain the SBD certification.

Mark Stoddart, senior product and support engineer at Hörmann UK, said: “The Secured by Design accreditation sets us apart from the rest of the market and provides the end consumer, who are increasingly looking for products that provide added security to their homes, with peace of mind.”