Protect your margins and reputation

Onsite 7 has reported that its new cloud-based job management software is seeing stronger-than-ever take-up.

Rhys Hodinott, CEO at OnSite 7, said: “Onsite 7 helps installers to grow their business and more importantly, prevents claims for work done well.”

According to the company, more than one in five construction contracts experience dispute or claim, and fighting the claim takes time and money, while customers holding on to payment affects cashflow.

“In our experience, disputes with customers frequently result from a disagreement between either what was supplied or when it would be supplied,” Rhys said. “In both cases, evidence is needed, and that’s exactly what Onsite 7 provides.”

Onsite 7 records all matters between the business and the customer in a single place. Installers can also capture all relevant information relating to a job, including documentation, instructions, photographs, videos and contract variations. Everything is agreed by the customer at every stage from sales and survey to ongoing service.

Onsite 7 also helps businesses become more streamlined and efficient and it can act as a customer relationship management (CRM) system, helping installers to driver smarter marketing, the company said.