Partnering skills

Dowsil sealants were supplied by the Sherwin Williams Company to one of Dow’s leading Quality Bond customers, Architectural Engineering (AEL), which helped to facilitate the delivery of a unitised glazing and cladding package for a commercial office project in one of Manchester’s key regeneration areas.

100 Embankment at Greengate, Salford, is the second phase of a joint development on the site of the city’s historic Exchange Station, forming part of a new business district. The project is being led by BAM Construction and specialist building envelope contractor Prater; the latter renewing its partnership with unitised curtain wall specialist, AEL. The 11-storey steel-framed building was designed by London-based architectural practice, Flanagan Lawrence.

While the structure of the podium skyscraper shows elements of rainscreen cladding and glass reinforced concrete, AEL’s high performance curtain wall package encloses the four main elevations. A total of 1,164 panels, featuring a 350mm-deep aluminium channel covering the floor zones, were installed, making a total area of 7,000m2. The facade’s assembly and installation included the use of Dowsil 993 Structural Glazing Sealant to bond the glazing elements, as well as Dowsil 791 Weatherproofing Sealant for all of the weather-sealing applications.

Additionally, all of the IGUs were assembled by sub-contractor Interpane using Dowsil 3363 Insulating Glass Sealant, specifically formulated in response to modern architectural designs featuring larger glass areas. This product is ideal on tall buildings where wind and other loads are generally higher. The two-part neutral curing, high modulus silicone sealant is twice as strong as conventional products, the company said, while facilitating faster unit assembly and greater durability.

Although AEL and the Sherwin Williams Company have a working relationship going back to the mid-2000s, the final specification of the Dowsil products for the Greengate 100 contract rested with Prater, verified by the architects and main contractor. As part of the Quality Bond procedures, both AEL and Sherwin Williams conducted tests before and during the contract period, including assessment of a trial rig comprising the structural glazed units and the aluminium feature panels. The largest glass panels used measured 1,646mm x 3,296mm while the ‘bite size’ for the structural glazing was 12mm x 6mm, with individual units weighing up to 300kg. There was also the additional challenge of manufacturing and installing a variety of curved panels designed to different radii.

Agi Gerka, manager of AEL’s structural bonding division, said: “AEL strongly believes in partnering with our supply chain and the products and service provided by Sherwin Williams have been excellent. As a Dowsil Quality Bond Member for the past 12 years, our clients and end users are assured that we implement the quality control regime laid out in the standards, to achieve a perfect result.”