Panel business set to increase

Hurst Plastics’ has been recommended as a supplier of PVCU door panels for customers that previously bought from Phoenix Doors.

The move follows the recent announcement that Phoenix Doors is to cease production of door panels.

Hurst Plastics, which currently manufactures more than 2,000 door panels a week at its factory in Kingston-upon-Hull, now fulfils orders for former Phoenix Doors customers, and will cement Hurst Plastics’ position as the UK’s largest manufacturer of door panels.

Mark Atkinson, Hurst Plastics’ sales director, said: “We know that the panel market is mature and declining, but sales of Hurst Plastics’ door panels have actually grown for the last four years – albeit modestly. This performance shows that there is still demand for door panels, despite the growing popularity of composite doors, and we intend to continue supporting door panels while that demand is still there.

“Customers continue to buy panels from us because we have always invested in the range and we provide a dedicated support package for it. We’ve also helped the door panel to keep up with changing consumer tastes by constantly introducing new styles and colours. Our Modern Collection, for instance, emulates the look of a composite door and features a contemporary stainless steel trim which is very appealing.

“We are pleased to be chosen to support Masco with their ongoing panel supply. Our relationship with Phoenix has always been a healthy and respectful one and they have been, and continue to be, a worthy competitor. I’d sincerely like to wish all the best to Neil Peck, who founded Phoenix Door Panels and is retiring, and to some of the team who are moving on to pastures new.”

Over the last three years, Hurst Plastics has invested heavily in plant and machinery to increase the production capabilities of its two factories in Kingston-upon-Hull. This has enabled Hurst to boost production of both its composite doors and door panels, while maintaining manufacturing standards.

The firm also recently completed a £500,000 investment programme into new vehicles, which included the purchase of 15 delivery vans to deliver more than 99% of Hurst’s doors throughout the UK.