Glazed roofs still popular

The market for conservatory roof replacements is on a high, according to Prefix Systems, and one of the latest jobs carried out by Stevenage-based Conserv-A-Tech shows that consumers still yearn for the appeal of a glazed roof.

With around three million existing conservatories installed in the UK and many first-generation ones glazed in tired polycarbonate, there’s an important market sector emerging, according to Prefix.

Over the last 10 years the market has also seen the rapid development of specialist solar control glass with U-values down to 1.0W/m2K, and so glass is now very much the dominant glazed material.

Eric Knappett, owner and director of Conserv-A-Tech, said: “Conservatory roof replacements are becoming more prevalent in terms of our sales opportunities. As a diligent company, it’s re-assuring to know that we have a supporting brand and product range specific to this sector which is boosted by the outstanding customer service levels from Prefix.”

Chris Cooke, co-director of Prefix Systems, said: “Replacements are becoming a more important part of the revenue stream for the sector, yet we must be mindful of the design considerations and structural loadings for each individual project – it’s a must for the sector to ensure the products installed are fully fit for purpose.”