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PatioMaster doors have five security features that help them meet the requirements of Secured by Design.

Interlock bolts lock the sliding panel to the fixed one and ensure the two cannot be forced apart. A full width security head rail runs across the top of the opening panel to prevent it being lifted from the track. A full height security keep rail supports the sliding door at each corner. A PAS24 handle is designed to withstand sustained manual attack and has an enhanced back-plate for even greater security levels. Finally, an anti-bump cylinder prevents the lock cylinder being bumped.

These five features sit alongside standard features such as the internal sliding door sash, the inbuilt ‘anti-jacking’ feature, and the six-point locking system.

Secured by Design accredited doors are available in 24mm and 28mm glazing options and two-pane configurations. The 70mm outerframe is compatible with 70mm Epwin accessories, and has a 28-shade colour range.

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