One million metres

In less than five years, TGI has supplied Astraseal with over one million metres of warm edge spacer bar, which – if laid out flat in a straight line – would reach Venice from Astraseal’s HQ in Wellingborough.

Astraseal’s orders of TGI spacer have grown year on year on average by 11%; the firm, currently produces over 3,000 sealed units every week.

“Our sealed unit manufacture makes up a vital and successful part of our business, allowing us to ensure a quality product and control our entire supply chain, delivering turnarounds that exceed customer expectations,” Colin Stanley, operations director at Astraseal, said.

In recent months, Astraseal has invested in its sealed unit production. For example, the firm bought a new bar bender that can bend aluminium, steel or warm edge spacer, allowing the company to bend 1,000 bars on a single nine-hour shift. It has also purchased an ‘intelligent’ desiccant filler.

David Kimberley, product manager at TGI, said: “We anticipate further success in our partnership together, as we rapidly approach two million metres.”

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