Multi-track system

Bohle has expanded its range of internal sliding stacking doors with the addition of the Vitris Portavant 150 Multiline.

Ideally suited to high-end residential or commercial applications, the multi-track system uses a telescopic mechanism, which enables each individual door leaf to be stacked alongside the other, maximising opened space.

Suitable for single-sided or two-sided installations, the system can accommodate spans of up to 6,000mm and weights of up to 150kg as a single system, and 12,000mm with two systems.

Individual sashes can be manufactured to up to 960mm in width, and as a ceiling-mounted system with integrated guides, the Portavant 150 Multiline also eliminates any requirement for floor hardware such as tracks or guides.

Dave Broxton, managing director of Bohle, said: “Its telescopic function makes the Multiline ideally suited to a wide range of premium residential and commercial applications.

“With glass partitioning and room dividing a defining feature of commercial and increasingly residential design, the Portavant Multiline generates a broad range of opportunities.”

With integrated dampeners, each sash closes on the other using a soft-close technology. Installation is also straightforward with all components inserted into the track laterally.

This means that the glass panel fitted with clamping jaws is mounted into the twin roller assembly from below, making adjustment and setting easier.

The Portavant 150 Multiline can also be installed into a ceiling pocket in front of a lintel or suspended ceiling. A special swivelling feature on the clamp also means that the cushioning system and the activator remain aligned even if installed outside of exact vertical alignment, up to a tolerance of +/-2.5mm.

Bohle also offers the space saving Portavant 60 twinline (60kg), which also uses a similar telescopic movement.