Cutting the cost of balustrading

Bohle has expanded its balustrading offer with the addition of the EasyMount 6020, which introduces significant hardware savings to cut the cost of balustrade installation, the company said.

A heavy-duty addition to the EasyMount range, the 6020 withstands a linear load of up to 1.5kN. Rather than requiring countersunk fixings, it uses counterbored. This means that standard head anchor bolts can be used to mount the system rather than far more expensive countersunk headed fixings.

Distances between mounting points are also increased, reducing installation times and the number of fixings required.

Dave Broxton, managing director of Bohle, said: “The savings are substantial. The cost of countersunk head fixings can run to almost as much as the profile system itself, so there is a clear cost-benefit to switching to a counterbore system which allows bolts with a standard head to be used.

“The other advantage is that it’s suitable for use in residential but also light commercial applications, for example office installations, without needing to use rigid toughened laminates such as Sentry glass. Four or five times more expensive than standard PVB interlayers, that’s another very significant saving.”

Also available in a side-mounted option, the EasyMount 6021, both systems can accommodate glass thicknesses of between 12mm and 21.52mm. Fixing points to achieve a 0.74kN residential linear loading are every 20cm on the 6020 and 40cm for the side mounted 6021.

Each system also comes with a full range of ancillaries including pre-mitred 90° corners, end caps and spacers to allow drainage on top mounted options, plus the Vario glass adjustment tool, for fine adjustment of glass panes of up to 34mm in relation to the vertical.

“Glass balustrading remains a growth area and our range is growing with it to deliver increased opportunities for profit to our customers,” Dave said.

“The EasyMount 6020 and 6021 represent a logical evolution of that offer, delivering significant savings but the flexibility for installation in not only residential but also commercial applications, using a single system.”