Halcyon days in the conservatory

Properly insulated, a conservatory allows one to enjoy the warmth of the English summer while offering a cosy retreat in the cold depths of winter.

Making all this possible is the glass. Using the right, high quality, high performance glass helps to improve the quality of light, and helps moderate room temperature to deliver maximum comfort and pleasure.

Guardian Glass offers advanced solutions for conservatories that incorporate all the state-of-the-art features necessary for modern conservatories.

For example, both Guardian ClimaGuard Blue and Guardian Sun have been developed for structures like conservatories and orangeries. These high-performance glass products meet the respective demands for the roof and walls of these structures. They help safeguard against the British climate, whether sun, snow, wind or rain, while their distinct features complement each other to create a homely environment.

For conservatory roofs, the advanced coating technology of new Guardian ClimaGuard Blue helps let in the sun’s light, but not its heat, to fill the living space beneath. It reflects 76% of infrared light, reducing the chance of overheating in summer. And when the weather turns cold, its high thermal insulation keeps the room warmer, so the conservatory can be enjoyed all year round without worrying about the heating bill. The glass also reduces glare, filtering sunlight to reduce eye strain on sunny days, while its blue colour brightens up even the dullest of days.

The special properties of ClimaGuard Blue’s coating also make the glass self cleaning. When activated by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, the coating not only makes it harder for dirt to stick, it accelerates its decomposition as well. So, dirt is more easily washed away when it rains, as it inevitably will, leaving a cleaner-looking roof.

For conservatory walls, Guardian Sun has a neutral appearance. As with the roof glass, its special coating helps create an optimal indoor environment for maximum comfort. One can stay cool in summer and when the temperature drops, its thermal insulation helps retain the room’s warmth for a cosy habitat, along with delivering an improved energy balance.

By delivering all this performance in an outer pane of ClimaGuard Blue or Guardian Sun glass, the inner pane of an insulating glass unit can be standard clear float glass – making the manufacturing process significantly more efficient and cost effective.

Guardian Sun and ClimaGuard Blue can also be combined with other Guardian Glass products for more versatility in construction. For example, incorporating Guardian SatinDeco acid etched glass to the insulating glass unit can keep prying eyes at bay and unwanted distractions out of sight.

This translucent glass obscures the glazing with a soft silky appearance, giving the occupier privacy while still allowing plenty of light.

Another product that can be combined with Guardian Sun or Guardian ClimaGuard Blue is Guardian LamiGlass, adding extra toughness to the conservatory roof and walls. Virtually indistinguishable from monolithic glass of the same thickness, Guardian LamiGlass offers all the benefits of traditional laminated safety glass with increased impact resistance and security.

It also protects furniture and fittings, reducing potential fading by blocking over 97% of ultraviolet rays. And if the neighbours are too noisy, an acoustic version can help counter excessive noise.

By Guardian www.guardianglass.co.uk