Solid sales for solid roof

LivinRoof holds the record for the highest first year sales in Ultraframe’s 30-year history. On top of this, it grew a further +75% in 2016.

Since its launch in 2014 Ultraframe network partners have had tremendous success both in the new-build and the replacement roof market. Its distinctive look and integrated shaped glazing in any position are fantastic features but, most of all, LivinRoof is a flexible roof solution.

Designed to be configured to suit virtually any roof shape, LivinRoof can easily deal with variable and differential pitches, and has quickly become the roof of choice when dealing with a pitch as low as 5º. The aluminium finish of LivinRoof is perfect for homeowners who don’t want a tile-effect replacement roof, delivering a contemporary anthracite grey finish and a powerful contrast for most properties.

Richard Manser, managing director at 5 Star Windows and Conservatories in Worcestershire, has had tremendous success with LivinRoof principally because of the capability of the roof to handle almost any roof design.

“When we saw LivinRoof we immediately saw its potential both in the replacement market and new build,” Richard said. “There’s no question when LivinRoof came along it was exactly the right solution for the replacement roof market – it gave us the option to offer something other than a simulated tile and the capability to design complex roofs that other systems couldn’t cope with.”

Andrew Thomson, design and development director at Ultraframe, isn’t surprised that the new-build market has adopted the roof too.

“Our network partners were very quickly drawn to the ease of installation and flexibility of LivinRoof and because of the use of glass, retailers were quick to offer it as an alternative to a fully glazed roof,” Andrew said. “For homeowners who want something really contemporary LivinRoof is the perfect choice. It delivers incredible thermal performance and the internal vaulted ceiling adds an additional layer of luxury.”

Richard Manser has had significant success in both the new-build and refurbishment space.

“We could see the opportunity for the replacement market but we also knew that discerning homeowners looking for a modern and thermal roof would be immediately drawn to LivinRoof,” Richard said. “We’ve just completed a huge project on a beautiful country estate – several former estate-buildings were converted into dwellings about 16 years ago. Now the roofs are ready for replacement they’ve all chosen LivinRoof.

“The contemporary look of LivinRoof combined with the large expanse of glass delivers a fantastic architectural statement. We’re so committed to LivinRoof we’ve made it the centrepiece of our showroom.”

Using LivinRoof as a showroom centrepiece has delivered real success for South Lakes Windows’ managing director Steve Lancaster.

“We’ve had LivinRoof in our showroom for 12 months and the impact it‘s had on sales has been tremendous,” he said. “We have to remember that for homeowners it’s often difficult for them to visualise something different on the back of their house – for many it’s a real leap of faith that what they can see in a brochure will look equally as good on their own home.

“Our decision to display LivinRoof in our showroom was absolutely the right decision. It gives real comfort to home owners that the grey roof panels of LivinRoof are really pleasing on the eye. That said, we’ve recently completed a row of three properties with LivinRoof – each neighbour loved the anthracite finish of their neighbour so much they had it on their own home – that success speaks for itself.”

By Ultraframe.