Self-tinting wireless dynamic glass

Clayton Glass has just unveiled Smartglass Dynamic, using self-tinting, wireless glass technology. Jason McCabe, commercial director of Clayton Glass, outlines his vision for a new genre of dynamic conservatory.

High performance conservatory glass has been around for over a decade now and we’ve done much to lead the way in terms of product performance and innovation, as our latest Smartglass Ultra 86 development clearly shows. But dynamic and switchable glass has been at the very cutting edge of glass specification for the home improvement sector for the last few years.

The adoption of dynamic and switchable glass has been limited to several practical and commercial considerations. However, the launch Smartglass Dynamic, sees the dawn in a new era of high specification conservatory and bifolding door glass that tints on demand without the need for any wiring, and that can be manufactured in any shape and delivered within 10-14 working days.

We’ve brought this new technology to the UK, and firmly believe that this is the next logical step for glass development in conservatories and bifolding doors. When installed Smartglass Dynamic will darken gradually and dynamically when heated by direct sunlight and then back to a clear state as the outer pane of the glass cools down.

In its darkest state, Smartglass Dynamic can reflect up to 90% of solar energy, yet in the colder months remains almost as clear as standard glass, making the most of the winter sun. This glass is also capable of blocking 99% of UV light and, like the rest of our conservatory glass range, benefits from self-cleaning, warm edge technology within an argon-filled, low-e unit.

While the glass is clever enough to go from a clear state to a darkened blue state in the middle of summer it will also offer various semi-tinted states for other times of day or month as the outside weather dictates, making for the ultimate in all year-round, dynamic living. On each day, and by each minute, Smartglass Dynamic will regulate the level of solar control and light transmission as the outside climate dictates. At night, the clear state highlights the beauty and clear nature of glass, while still offering great levels of thermal performance.

From a technical perspective, the solar factor (G-value) is able to vary from 10% to 34%, with light transmission offered on a scale of 6%-60% subject to outside climatic conditions, while a U-value of 1.2W/m2K offers great insulation properties from the inner pane.

Early adopters in the conservatory sector will no doubt be interested in this technological glass revelation, and we’ve produced 3,000 sample kits to show off the capabilities of Smartglass Dynamic in a home or showroom environment.

Our latest product guide has also been updated to take account of this new self-tinting glass technology and we fully expect to generate considerable interest from those forward thinking installation and trade partners.

Smartglass Dynamic will bring to market a new genre of conservatory and orangery living, and it’s hugely exciting for the sector as a whole, including the patio and bifolding door markets.

A glass that tints dynamically, without wires and in any shape, will open up new market opportunities and bring to consumers a genuine value added technology at a sensible price point. This is also evidence of the growing relationship between Clayton Glass and sister company Romag.