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How to provide the right type of glass to add value and meet the changing needs of your customers will be discussed at a seminar by Saint-Gobain Glass at the FIT Show, where the glass manufacturer will also be exhibiting within the Visit Glass arena.

Kirsty Pamment, market manager (residential) at Saint-Gobain Glass, said: “The FIT Show, and in particular the Visit Glass exhibition, is the ideal place for us to talk to fabricators and installers about how we can help them to start having different conversations with their customers about choosing the right type of glass. It’s the glass in doors and windows that can help to deliver real comfort benefits such as enhanced security, reduced overheating, heat retention, noise reduction and furniture fade protection, but it’s important that the right type of glass is specified for the right situation in order to achieve these benefits for the homeowner.

“The daily seminar is designed to educate fabricators and installers about the properties of glass and how to select the most appropriate type of glass to suit their customers’ needs.

“When it comes to buying windows, it is quite unusual for customers to ask about the choice of glass available, other than to ask for energy efficient or A rated windows. But there is a huge opportunity for fabricators and installers to differentiate their business and add value by offering more choice to consumers who are very often willing to pay for high-performance windows and doors that help to achieve a more comfortable home.”

Saint-Gobain Glass will also be sharing the benefits of joining its Planitherm Network, which provides access to a wide range of advice, training, support and marketing materials including sales literature, social media content and videos designed to educate and help fabricators and installers understand and share the comfort benefits of glass.


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