Smart and ready

With a predicted £10.8 billion spend on smart home devices in 2019, Smart Ready is planning to bring windows and doors up to date with heating, lighting and entertainment.

Giovanni Laporta, who is behind Smart Ready, said: “We’re launching the Smart Ready system at the FIT Show 2019 in May because it’s relevant for every single window and door being manufactured today, at the very least to be ready to be smart.

“The system allows manufacturers to future-proof all their windows and doors with no effort. Smart Ready more than satisfies the two most important commercial areas – time for fabrication, and cost – so the concept is set to be the biggest change seen by the industry in modern times.

“I’ve been lucky enough to accumulate a unique blend of years of experience in the window and door industry as a whole, as well as many years of experience in the wider technology sector, which has allowed me to come up with a Smart system that is right for the industry right now, as well as future proof for many years ahead. The Smart Ready system will be available on all windows and doors.”