Customers at heart

Veka UK has designed and built a new website, which “really belongs to customers”.

Marketing director Dawn Stockell, said: “Using visitor data from our old site and drawing from digital best practice learnings, we developed a site that is easy to navigate, supports an array of visitor types and is able to answer their questions and provide all relevant information.

“In an increasingly digital age, we want visitors to have clear and easy access to everything they require when they need it most. We’ve simplified the access to Veka documentation, brochures and technical downloads so they are readily available to anyone that needs them, rather than being tucked away in a customers-only area. We also created a dedicated downloads area which means it takes just moments to access the information you need.

“Everything on the new site has been created with our customers in mind, including the new homeowner area. This is the second of two purposeful websites we’ve built in the last six months and we’re delighted with the results.”