Brisk business

Promac Group has said it saw high levels of interest and brisk business at this year’s Fensterbau Frontale, which reported record numbers of exhibitors and visitors, including a large UK contingent.

Joe Hague, managing director ofPromac Group, said this was reflected in high levels of interest the machinery specialist saw in the latest innovations in machinery platforms on show from its supply partners, FOM, Graf, Forel and Urban.

“I’ve been coming to Fensterbau for more than 17 years now and I never stop being impressed by the scale and the incredible innovation on show,” Joe said.

“The turnout from the UK was big, which gave us a great opportunity to catch-up with friends from within the industry, closing off on business as well as picking up a significant number of new leads.”

The latest incarnations of the SL4-FF seamless welder from Graf Synergy, including the SL4FF EVO and the SL4-H FF, which introduces a new capability to insert welded transom and mullions into a seamlessly welded frame or sash, provided a major pull for UK fabricators.

This same technology has also been applied by the FOM-GS group to sill manufacture, which was launched at the FIT Show in May 2017.

“The SLS was developed by FOM-GS in partnership with Promac solely for the UK and Irish markets and the benefits are immediately tangible,” Joe said. “You get an incredible surface finish, increased weld strength and a reduction in cycle time from anywhere from 15-minutes to just two.”

FOM-GS also chose Fensterbau to unveil the new FOM LMX 65 aluminium machining and cutting line. An evolution of its LMT 65 aluminium entry level offer, the LMX 65 introduces the ability to mill both ends of the bar, making it ideal for higher volume commercial work including curtain walling.

The new EM Automatic Vertical Edger from Forel marked another new product launch from the Promac supply chain. Optimised for processing float and laminated glass, it delivers high levels of flexibility. This includes edge arrissing, graded edge grinding and edge polishing with the ability to square glass to final dimensions, it can also be used across IGU, tempering and grinding lines.

“The innovation that is now being delivered in machinery is delivering a real change in not only how the industry is manufacturing product – for example in efficiency, quality and yield – but also the new products that it’s bringing to market,” Joe said. “We’re going through a significant period of change as an industry and that’s very positive for UK fabricators, glass processors and IGU manufacturers.”