A rooflight that delivers more

The FIT Show is about innovation in the fenestration industry, which is epitomised by the TRL90 Rooflight, according to HiTGech Blinds’ sales director Ian Woolley, which comes with an automatic integrated blind as standard.

Rooflights represent a growth area in fenestration; slim-sightlines and minimalist design, coupled with the practical flexibility of extending out further without losing light within the original property, mean that they are an increasingly popular choice in the home extensions market.

With retro-fit opportunities on existing flat roofs also offering potentially rich pickings, a growing number of installers and retailers have added them to their offers, creating a growing but competitive market place.

This is where our new aluminium rooflight with fully automatic integrated blind fits in.

Suitable for new build installation or retro-fit across residential and commercial markets, the slimline HiTech Aluminium TRL90 Rooflight is supplied with a white pleated and fully retractable, remote-controlled integrated blind, as standard.

The market potential of this product is massive. As an installer you aren’t just supplying another aluminium rooflight. The supply of the TRL90 with a fully automatic integrated motorised blind as standard is a completely distinct proposition.

The benefits to the end user are immediately tangible: shading and privacy in a dust-free, easy-to-use remote-controlled system.

The added-value is immediately apparent. As an installer you can either use it to build in margin and sell at a higher price point or win business.

The easy-to-install HiTech TRL90 Rooflight is fitted in exactly the same way as a standard aluminium rooflight system, using the same process, with a fix to a suitable upstand and internal plaster boarding, and wired into a standard mains supply.

Operated via a wall-mounted switch and remote control, the in-built blind can be opened or closed at the flick of a switch or press of a button, to provide privacy or to control the flow of natural daylight inside the property.

This includes retracting completely behind a ceramic surround when fully closed, giving the TRL90 exactly the same appearance as a standard aluminium rooflight.

It is available in eight sizes ranging from 800mm x 800mm up to 1,200mm x 2,200mm, chosen by HiTech following a detailed analysis of the market, identifying the most commonly fitted rooflight sizes in home extensions and commercial applications.

It’s very clear that homeowners are continuing to extend and invest in their homes. It’s just the way that they’re doing it is changing. We’re seeing more flat roof designs, a shift away from conservatory but also lantern roofs to less ornate, cleaner and contemporary installations.

Integral blinds in rooflights allow you to upsell. We take care of everything, all you have to do is specify it, fit, and get a suitably qualified electrician to hook it into the mains circuit. The perceived added value to the end user is immense.

In addition to an integrated blind, IGUs also feature a laminated softcoat inner pane, warm-edge spacer and 6mm tough outer-pane and are argon filled as standard, achieving U-values as low as 1.0W/m2K. HiTech also supplies triple-glazed options and 33mm walk-on glass.

All feature EnduroShield easy-clean surface coating technology.

If you’re investing in a new home extension or significant home improvement, and you have a choice of an aluminium rooflight with an automatic integral blind or one without, for a little bit more money I know what I’d go for.

You get a much better product and whatever extra it costs you as a homeowner (and that’s down to the price installers choose to sell it at) you recoup, because you don’t then have to go and buy an externally mounted blind system.

It makes sense on so many levels and is already winning our customers business.