Fabricator designed gasket

Offering gasket savings of 30% or more and support to put down your own tooling, Paul James, sales director ExtrudaSeal, explains why a visit to its stand may be time well spent.

If you said to a fabricator that you could help them to save 30%-40% against their total manufacturing costs, you’d get their immediate attention. The cost of – and the potential savings against – each individual component as part of that manufacturing process, very rarely receives the same focus.

This is where Extrudaseal fits in. Customers save an average of 30%-40% on gasket costs compared to systems company prices, by buying direct.

Extruding more than 20,000km of gaskets in 2018, alongside weather seals, Glazepta tapes and U-channels, pressure plates, box sections and bifolding door seals for leading systems, plus an extensive back catalogue of extrusions, Extrudaseal serves fabricators and installers nationwide.

This includes the supply of enhanced gasket designs for aluminium systems from Smart, Aluk, Metaltech, Senior and Ikon, among others.

And as a specialist, it’s the detail that drives us. We’re in a position to extrude product more cost effectively than systems companies and we give it more attention, because it’s what we do.

It’s not simply about cost. We look at each and every aspect of the design of the gaskets developed by systems companies but also how they can be improved through our own research and development programme.

We bring a level of expertise and experience that’s very hard for systems companies to emulate, purely because it’s such a core focus of our business and that translates into a better end product.

We are focused on innovation and enhanced product quality, working in partnership with fabricators to deliver innovations, which deliver improved performance. This includes ease of installation, improved weather sealing, and enhanced through-life performance.

Where fabricators or installers encounter a problem with gasket, we work with them to develop a solution specific to their requirement. This contributed to us putting down more than 40 tools in the last year – each developed with fabricators and installers to address specific challenges in the gasket that they were previously buying.

We adopt a genuinely different design approach. We’ll sit down with production directors but the first thing we do is to get down on the factory floor and talk with the guys who are actually using it because they’ll tell you exactly how it’s not working for them.

Our design team will then take that feedback and develop drawings and prototypes and test those with manufacturing teams to make sure that we’re providing a solution that actually works in volume manufacture. We don’t put anything into production until it’s been fully tested.

This includes the development of a wide range of product enhancements including a fit-and-forget bifold threshold gasket, which won’t kick out, and a new flush low-line e-gasket and wedge for aluminium bifolding and inline sliding door systems.

Launched last year, this is designed to deliver a flush finish with internal beading and the putty-line, maximizing glass area and delivering a flush finish with internal beading.

The new system has also been designed to make glazing simpler by accommodate variances in the depth of IGUs using a specially developed tear-away strip, which reduces its depth by 1mm, making glazing simpler.

If you can shave a little bit off your installation costs ‘here’, avoid call backs ‘there’, the potential savings really stat to add up. That’s what Extrudaseal is here to do. We deliver savings by working with fabricators and installers to develop products, which are first and foremost, fit-for-purpose and which deliver efficiencies and opportunities on top.