New powder coating plant

Vertik-Al has invested in a Magic Compact horizontal power coating plant from Gema. The new system has only been in production for a short time and it is already delivering improvements, the company said.

Lower powder consumption has had a direct impact on effectiveness and boosted Vertik-Al’s environmental credentials, while the quality of the finish and application of matt, gloss and textured coatings is, the company said, outstanding.

“With our reputation for delivering coloured product, fast, we need colour changes to be smooth and swift,” John Park-Davies, group sales and marketing at Vertik-Al, said. “With the Gema Magic Compact the process is quick and easy. We can achieve an excellent finish with the automatic powder guns.”

The new line was purchased as part of the company’s continuous investment strategy and programme of asset management.

“Our heritage as a supplier of quality finishes means that we must continually improve to meet our customers’ needs and the requirements of the client,” John said. “We have been so pleased with the Gema Magic Compact plant that we have ordered another line, due for installation later this year,.”