Warm Roof Pro ensures Building Regs compliance

Ultra SIP Panels, the manufacturer of Warm Roof Pro, is supporting installers with the building approval process for conservatory installations, through a partnership with Approved Building Control Inspector JHAI.

With the changes to the Building Safety Act 2022, conservatories, particularly those with solid roofs, are no longer automatically exempt from compliance with Building Regulations – leading to an increase in homeowners having non-compliant conservatories at their homes.

To qualify for exemption, a minimum of 50% of the new wall and 75% of the roof must be glazed or use translucent material.

With new criteria to navigate, the partnership with JHAI means fitters of Warm Roof Pro can access a recommended Approved Building Control Inspector, licensed through the Construction Industry Council (CIC), for any job across England and Wales.

Scott Hawkings, managing director at Warm Roof Pro, said: “By partnering with JHAI, the approval and regulatory process is simplified for installers working across the country, as it makes sure they have happy customers and eliminates the need for installers to navigate various Local Authorities, making the process more accessible and time efficient.”

“Warm Roof Pro installers can now benefit from the ease and convenience of a simplified building approval process thanks to the nationwide availability of this innovative roofing system.”