Veka UK invests in BIM

The Veka UK Group has invested in creating an intelligent, data rich, parametric, three dimensional models of its most popular systems for the Building Information Modelling (BIM) sector for the benefit of architects, specifiers, engineers, designers and developers.

These new models are hosted on, which makes them easily accessible, along with the relevant, up-to-date technical spec information.

The Veka UK Group’s head of commercial Richard Garland said: “We’ve now made it even easier for our commercial clients to drop the appropriate products into their designs, by investing in BIM content for Veka’s M70 profile system, and Halo’s System 10 – both 62mm and 70mm variants.

“From a manufacturer’s point of view, these models and associated data are BIM Level 2 compliant and meet the requirements set out in PAS 1192-2:2013.

“These 3D objects are intelligent pieces of data that maintain their proportions when resized for various project plans and can help streamline information sharing and informed decision making when it comes to the final specification process. The information-rich models improve the quality of information provided at the design and construction phases to save costs by eliminating waste.”