New solar control glass

Guardian Glass has introduced Guardian SunGuard SNX 60, which is a new addition to its eXtra Selective family of solar control glass.

SNX 60 is designed for commercial facade applications that require high performance, energy efficiency and improved aesthetics.

It offers a consistently neutral transparent appearance, and was developed to provide optimal aesthetics and technical performance on both Guardian ExtraClear float glass (available as SunGuard SNX 60) and on Guardian UltraClear low-iron float glass (available as SunGuard SNX 60 Ultra).

Nicolas Gouzou, product manager at Guardian Glass, said: “The introduction of SunGuard SNX 60 marks the first of a new generation of triple-silver products characterised by enhanced aesthetics and colour, regardless of the angle of vision.

“We foresee the launch of further products for this range in the near future.”

SunGuard SNX 60 is a triple-silver coated, solar control glass that lets in 60% of natural daylight and just 29% of the solar heat.

It may help lower a building’s energy costs by reducing the need for artificial lighting and air conditioning, and with a U-value of 1.0 W/m2K, it provides a very high level of thermal insulation, which may help to reduce heating costs during the colder periods.

New SunGuard SNX 60 is available in both annealed and heat treatable versions. It can also be supplied on laminated glass for safety, security or acoustic applications.