The world’s toughest row

Team Seasoar, a group of dedicated and adventurous individuals, are gearing up for an incredible feat of endurance and determination – rowing across the Atlantic Ocean.

The team consists of four rowers, with two industry veterans – Sam Weber & Jason Wilder – plus two non-industry members, Niall Brannigan and John Watling. All four have been training rigorously for 18 months to prepare for the epic journey, which is known as the World’s Toughest Row, a challenge that will test their physical and mental strength to the limit.

Throughout their journey, Team Seasoar will be supporting Lyme Disease UK, a non-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness and ultimately to find a cure for the disease which is transmitted by ticks.

In severe cases, Lyme Disease can result in long term joint pain, memory problems and tiredness.

The Atlantic Row will see Team Seasoar rowing approximately 3,000 miles from La Gomera in the Canary Islands to Antigua. They will potentially face mother nature ‘at her rawest’, including ‘monstrous’ waves, and the vastness of the open ocean.

Sam Weber is said to be no stranger to adventure and pushing the limits of his capabilities. He has climbed two of the highest mountains in the seven peaks (Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua) and has completed a jungle survival course in the Amazon rainforest with an Amerindian tribe and a former SAS officer.

As they set off on their journey, Team Seasoar is inviting supporters and well-wishers to join them in their remarkable adventure. You can follow their progress on social media and show your support by donating to their cause.

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