Schüco UK launches new sliding door

Schüco is highlighting the simplified fabrication of its new ASE 51 PD sliding door.

Featuring slim sightlines, elegant design and superior thermal performance, it is also expected to attract ‘significant interest’ from homeowners, according to Schüco.

The new ASE 51 PD sliding door features a 32mm interlock and slim 45mm outer frame, which can be concealed within the building’s structure. The unique design eliminates the need for structural bonding between the glass and vent profile, enabling quicker and easier assembly.

Fabrication is further simplified with a wraparound system with screw port connection. A reduced profile selection provides a wide range of design possibilities with fewer profile types to keep in stock.

This sliding door is available with a variety of threshold options including a concealed level threshold with external ‘ACO’ style gutter profile, and a low threshold option suited to refurbishment projects.

The system can accommodate double and triple glazed units, with options for 200kg and 400kg rollers – the latter adjustable to accommodate building tolerances, making installation easier.

The door’s locking mechanism is integrated within the door frame, complemented by a newly designed handle. Additionally, system extension packers accommodate ventilation requirements without impacting on the design.

Duncan Grover, head of product management, Schüco UK, commented: “We are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation – a beautifully designed sliding door that marries technical excellence with aesthetic appeal.

“This new addition is not just testament to our commitment to quality and design, but a game-changer for our partners. It allows them to expand their residential offerings with a product that is not only quicker and simpler to fabricate, but also meets the high standards homeowners expect, whether they are refurbishing or constructing new builds.

“With its superior performance, slim sightlines, and elegantly crafted new handle, our door is a perfect example of how thoughtful design can meet rigorous technical performance without compromise.”

The new sliding door is available to see in the Schüco showroom in Milton Keynes.

Current Schüco partners can find the ASE 51 PD on SchüCal or can contact their business development manager (BDM) for details.