Strong rating

A new industry report has rated Everglade Windows as ‘strong’.

This has come after the company was named as a ‘best trading partner’, Plimsoll’s highest accolade, saying that “companies with the strongest balance sheets are in the greatest position to survive the Covid-19 crisis”.

The latest edition of the Plimsoll analysis assessed the financial fundamentals of the UK’s top 1,869 window and door companies to indicate which are most stable and likely to survive the pandemic, and go on to thrive in the recovery.

Jay Patel, director at Everglade Windows, said: “There are tough times ahead for the industry but we know that being named in this report will reassure customers that Everglade Windows is in the strongest possible position to support them through the aftermath of Covid-19.

“2020 marks our 40th year in business. In that time, we have survived three major recessions and countless other bumps in the market. When times are good, we strengthen our position so that when bad times hit, we have the solid foundations needed to come out the other side even stronger.

“We are working closely with customers to make sure that as they safely return to work, we can deliver what they need to restart ongoing projects and win new business.

“This includes a limited offer of free Window Designer licences so they can process quotes and orders fast. It is a cloud-based system so they can use the software 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection. Perfect for office teams who are still working from home and smaller installers who are getting back to fitting on site.”