Installer support guide

The Glazerite UK Group has launched a guidance brochure and online hub to help home improvement companies operate in the ‘new normal’.

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant uncertainty for many businesses, especially for those who work in customers’ homes. Now Glazerite has pulled together all the available official guidelines, resources and reference points into an online and printed ‘toolbox’ format. It details risk assessments and other policies and procedures in line with government guidance, as well as links through to the different types of business and financial support currently available.

The site at also includes pointers on marketing in the current climate, and contact details of organisations for those who could be struggling with their mental health.

Michelle Wright, Glazerite’s group marketing manager, said: “Adapting to a new way of working can be challenging, and navigating through the guidance can be potentially confusing. We wanted to pull together all of the current guidelines and resources into one place for our installer partners to help them find what they need to know quickly and easily.”

Jason Thompson, Glazerite’s group managing director, said: “The last few months have tested most businesses to their limits and we are keen to see the industry return to a degree of normality as quickly as possible. The content of the guide is broad and we’ve tried to cover all of the key areas that will be affecting companies. Any feedback with further areas or content to include would be greatly appreciated to keep it relevant and informative for all users.”