Smart partnership

Velux has announced a partnership with smart home company Netatmo to create the “windows of the future”.

Together they are developing a new range of smart windows with integrated indoor climate solutions to meet a growing consumer demand for connected devices in the home. 

Smart homes and home automation are predicted to be one of the next big trends, with smart home revenue set to quadruple to almost $65 billion by 2020 as consumers look to upgrade their homes through smart gadgets and home appliances. 

The new range of windows, called Velux Active, will comprise WiFi gateway and smart controls for Velux Integra roof windows and sunscreening products, along with a control app for iOS and Android. Based on a range of indoor climate parameters, such as temperature, sunlight levels, humidity, and CO2 levels, users will be able to automate roof window and sunscreen operation, by ensuring the optimum indoor climate in a home at all times.

Both the partnership and the product concept were announced in the context of CES Unveiled – the preview to the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA.

The first Velux Active products are expected to launch in autumn 2017. 

“Very soon your home will be able to help look after your health, by ensuring you get plenty of daylight and fresh air exactly when you need it,” Jørgen Tang-Jensen, CEO of the Velux Group, said. “Velux has been creating better living environments for our customers for more than 75 years, and this collaboration with Netatmo represents an important step forward in providing greater comfort, well-being, energy efficiency and security.”

The product concept for Velux Active has also been awarded two CES 2017 awards in the Smart Home, and Eco-design and Sustainable Technologies categories.

As part of its strategy on smart homes and the Internet of Things, Velux has also collaborated with Apple to develop products compatible with Apple’s HomeKit smart home platform.