Locally compliant

Titon has updated its range of trickle ventilators to include additional versions that comply with the recently revised Scottish Technical Standards – the equivalent of the England and Wales Building Regulations.

The Scottish Technical Standards were amended in 2016 to alter the method of measuring background ventilation from the traditional ‘free area’ unit (the geometric area of a ventilation device) to the more widely recognised ‘equivalent area’ (EA) unit (based on the rate of air flow through the ventilation device).

As a result, all background ventilators in the UK now use the same EA unit, as determined using BS EN 13141-1, ensuring a simpler system can be employed throughout the supply chain.

However, the Scottish Technical Standards stipulate more background ventilation is needed per dwelling; this means a higher number of ventilators are required in Scotland than in England and Wales.

This has led to Titon redesigning its trickle ventilator sizes where possible, ensuring the ranges have denominations of sizes which comply with the average EA totals stipulated in the revised Technical Standards.