Flexibility, style and choice

Ultraframe has reported that the success of its new roof lantern UltraSky ‘has been remarkable’.

“The Ultraframe design and development team knew we had designed a winning product, but we weren’t expecting the sheer scale of success we have experienced,” Andrew Thomson, design and development director at Ultraframe, said.

“Sales have considerably surpassed our expectations with our fabricators and retailers enjoying great, continued success. And while, as always our marketing and technical support has underpinned the success with the usual industry leading standards, the ‘less bars’ design has been well received by our customers.”

A key design was to ensure UltraSky captured the maximum volume of light while giving that feeling of light and space.

“This lead us down the path of selecting a 25° pitch for our lantern,” Andrew said.

Available in both aluminium and PVC finishes, UltraSky is proving to be popular. David Thomas, managing director at Specialised, an Ultraframe fabricator, said: “Ultraframe has got it spot on with the dual-finish of both aluminium and PVC, in terms of sales we’re seeing a 50/50 split between the two finishes.”