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Solarframe director Steve Taylor explains how Solarframe and Supalite have worked together over the last four years.

We started manufacturing in 2009. Things were tough, especially being a new player, and from experience I knew Solarframe needed to look at products which had a potential growth and longevity in the market-place, to help us survive.

I first came across the Supalite solid roof product back in 2012. My instant reaction was ‘what a great product, but how can I do it cheaper?’ Looking back, this route would have been a huge mistake for the business.

After spending time with the team at Supalite, and listening to the professional advice they gave me on the structural requirements of the system and what technical expertise they could offer, I knew that I would never be able to replicate such a superior product.

The system is designed and fabricated from scratch, bespoke to each individual requirement. Care has been taken to ensure the system is structurally sound, with a lightweight aluminium frame, insulation, external plywood, breathable membrane and a choice of coloured lightweight tiles, creating a roof which can offer a U-value of 0.18W/m2K.

From the start, the Supalite roof has provided us with the ability to market the product with confidence, and marketing is the one activity we do well with plans to implement a new telemarketing office for 15 new staff in the next few months, a portfolio of testimonials and images from our trade customer’s installations, along with one of the county’s largest showrooms.

We know the market is being flooded with inferior, copycat roofing systems which customers may be drawn in and tempted to fit. However, if you want to see your business grow you’ll choose quality over quantity all day long.