Eurocell recognised for recycling commitment

Colin Hales
Colin Hales

Eurocell was named the ‘Best PVC-U Manufacturer & Recycler 2023 – UK’ at the recent Design and Build Awards 2023.

The company is reported to have incorporated 16,700 tonnes of recycled PVC-U in its operations in 2022 alone.

Eurocell’s acquisitions of S&S Plastics, Vista, and Ecoplas is said to have expanded its capabilities and contributed significantly to its PVC-U recycling. The company claims to have one of the most innovative recycling set-ups in the country, with full traceability and a less than 1% return-to-site ratio.

Eurocell operates a closed-loop recycling system, collecting, reprocessing, and utilising waste to create new products. It means almost a third of Eurocell’s manufactured products integrate recycled materials.

Colin Hales, chief operating officer at Eurocell said: “To be named the ‘Best PVC-U Manufacturer & Recycler 2023 UK’ at the Design and Build Awards is a real testament to our commitment to recycling and sustainability initiatives and rewards all our team’s hard work and innovative solutions.”