Business as usual

Strong demand for airtightness and thermal sealing solutions will drive window and door foam tape growth in 2021, according to Andy Swift, sales and operations manager for ISO-Chemie.

He says the market will remain buoyant over the next 12 months despite the continued impact of Covid-19 on the economy and lingering uncertainty around any final Brexit trade deal with the EU.

Despite a gloomy outlook in some quarters, construction and refurb projects are expected to press ahead with a strong focus on using cost-effective products that deliver improved energy performance and efficiency, driving opportunities for increased product specification and upselling, he said.

Andy Swift expects business as usual in 2021, with a steady expansion for energy efficient sealant products.

“Also, any final Brexit deal will have little if any impact on the products we supply to house builders and commercial property developers,” he said.

He added that the “dual whirlwind” of Brexit and Covid-19 has created unprecedented conditions for trading, but ISO Chemie will continue to operate in the UK as usual in to 2021.

“With energy rated and conservation products at the forefront of design and building regulations, we can be confident of growth for our air tightness and thermal sealing products,” he said.

“Indeed, we have completed an additional warehouse at our German factory to ensure production keeps up with expected demand.”

He also said that more house building to higher air and thermal standards will be a priority.

“There are effective products out there to ensure that airtightness and thermal efficiency within buildings should never be overlooked or ignored,” he said. “It’s a matter of designing in these products.”