Warm edge production ramped up

Following the purchase of its new two-acre warm edge production site in Wigan, Thermoseal Group has reconstructed the building to accommodate new equipment to further automate and increase its Thermobar and Thermoflex warm edge spacer production capacity.

The new site, which is a stone’s throw from Thermoseal Group’s other main manufacturing and warehouse sites, will now be the group’s ‘Centre for Innovation and Manufacturing’. It has also become a primary site to house increased stockholding of raw materials and finished goods, especially in preparation for the effects of Brexit.

The group now operates from more than 400,000ft2 across its four UK locations.

Thermoseal Group’s managing director Gwain Paterson said: “With two new laboratories and a variety of additional test rooms kitted out with the latest equipment for developing a wide range of IG products to EN1279 requirements, our technical team have everything they need to ensure we supply the best products at the highest quality standards every time.

“In addition, there are a number of meeting rooms and space and facilities for the comfort and convenience of our team, including larger canteens, locker rooms and showers.”

He continued: “We have also taken on a new production manager Mauro Asciona to oversee Thermoflex production, as well as additional warm edge production staff. We have also invested in equipment which will considerably increase Thermoflex production capacity. In line with this, we have purchased additional technology to automate and streamline our processes and further improve quality.”

The first automatic line will be installed in January 2021.

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